Relax, your pet's care is in gifted hands.

Hazel Wheeler & Gus

Our dear old cat Gus has chronic kidney disease and suffers due to the dehydration that comes with this common disease. When our vet suggested multiple visits a week so that they could give him fluids subcutaneously, we were at a crossroads, as Gus hates going to the vet. We were concerned for his quality of life as well as his health. We even tried learning how to administer fluids ourselves, but discovered ourselves too squeamish for the job. Thank goodness a friend suggested Eleanor’s services! Within a few weeks of her visits to give him subcutaneous fluids, he seemed more stable; once we increased his fluids to twice a week, Gus became more active and social. For us, Eleanor’s visits have bought us more time with our much-loved gray kitty as well as a noticeably-increased quality of life for him.

When we go out of town now, we have Eleanor look in on Gus. Between the many medications and supplements he needs in his food, as well as her warmth and kindness toward him, we know that our special-needs cat has someone who knows his needs and his personality. Eleanor is very professional and ensures that she has the right kind of emergency contacts and information to access services for Gus while we are gone if need be. This has given our family freedom to travel without worrying about Gus, thanks to Eleanor Dodson/Co-Pilot Pet Care.

Stephanie Birckel & Baba

My senior dog has had chronic prostate issues this past year, often with urinary tract infections as well. I jumped at the chance to have Eleanor come by a few times a week and let Baba out for a midday potty break. As I work full time in Tigard, I am gone longer than I care to be during the day, however I am put at ease knowing Baba is getting what I feel is THE BEST in care from Eleanor. I receive a quick text letting me know how my Baba is doing, and it brings much relief! Eleanor is the best! Baba loves her, and I cannot say enough good things about her.

Kelly Podoloff & Oscar, Little Man, and Turkey Fomurkey

We love Copilot Pet Care and appreciate all the little extras they do for our cats while we are away. The staff is loving and wonderful with our pets and fantastic at following up with us.  Our cats appreciate all the love, pets and affection and we appreciate the peace of mind that while we are away our pets are being so well cared for. The notes about their day and pictures of them enjoying snuggles and love make us feel confident that they are in good hands!

Desenia Goodwin & Madison, Wesley, Lily, Morgan, Riley, and Alex

Initially I was hesitant about hiring and allowing someone in my home to care for all of my dogs. Some of my dogs are special needs whether it’s due to their health and/or behavior so naturally I was concerned. I’ve now been a client of Copilot Pet Care for about 3 months now and I am very pleased with the services they provide to my 6 dogs. There has been excellent communication when a change in the schedule needs to be altered and I feel comfortable knowing my dogs are well cared for while I’m away. I’m given updates with any changes seen with regards to my dogs and I thoroughly trust the employees at Copilot Pet Care. I know my dogs look forward to their daily visits as well while I’m away and I am glad I chose them.